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Introducing students to a variety of source materials while being transparent about the advantages and challenges of tertiary, secondary and primary resources is a challenge. Each of these types of sources has a part to play in research and understanding a topic.

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Not long ago photographs lived in rolls of film in my camera until the roll was done and the pictures were developed. Poring through the pictures, sorting them, giving some away and sometimes creating an album was an exciting process! Technology brings unexpected changes. Digital images are free and freeing. There is no additional cost to taking...

The Three Billy Goats Gruff is a fun and easy story for young children to learn with a repetitive structure and dialogue. The ending is satisfying without being gory with the bullying troll dumped in the river. The Little Blue Bridge by Brenda Maier gives the story a contemporary spin and adds a flavor of Little Red Hen's...

Liz Dejean

Reader, Writer and Retired Librarian

I was the librarian at PS 360, a small elementary school in the north Bronx until the confluence of family needs and a pandemic  led me to retire.   I am passionate about books for children, storytelling, and exploring the natural world.  


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