Liz Dejean

Reader, writer, thinker, dreamer

I chose this image to represent me because I reflect the world in many ways.  A thread running through many types of work I engage in is close listening and careful observation.  

I have worn many hats, as a musician with a special affinity for chamber music.  As a teacher and reading specialist helping individual finds their own way into literacy.  As a librarian, listening carefully to students' questions and needs.  As a storyteller and photographer looking and listening to the stories all around us.  The Spring of 2020 brought the Covid19 pandemic to New York City.  I have watched and listened more closely even as I have stepped away from the library.  This website will become a record of my explorations beginning with this time of transition.

You can find me here and follow me on Twitter @360Liz

As I try hats, old and new,  I expect the pages of this website will grow and become interconnected.