Dennison Woodcock


Dennison Woodcock was an important figure in some of my grandmother's stories. I remember the chair she explained was from the "butter bowl factory." I also remember it being a a very comfortable, small work or desk chair. My mom told me to look for the little, yellow book of his. When I found it there were a couple small note pages with explanations written by my grandmother. (I recognize her hand writing.)

The tiny (3 1/2" X 5 1/2") stapled paper bound book was printed by Chas. O. Laymon, Port Allegany, PA in 1908. The first and most striking poem is an autobiography. It is filled with specific information about life in Pennsylvania, the advent of industrialization, the move out west, and back including traveling on the Erie Canal.

The text will need to be transcribed. OCR, at least the one I have, isn't able to read it. So the full text will wait for another post.

Introduction and Notes By My Grandmother

These notes were enclosed in the book A Life's Story and Other Poems

Dennison Woodcock

Father of Uncle Milt Griffen's wife, Lucy

Grandfather of Jenny Smith

Great Grandfather of Harold & Hale Smith

The little old wooden chair at my sewing machine was built in Woodcock Butter Bowl Factory


Aunt Lucy wouldn't let Uncle Milt smoke in the house, so he built a shack down by the brook


Lucy was a school teacher and was married to my grandmother's brother. They had one daughter, Jenevive, she was married to Frank Smith. They had Percie, Aline, Harold, Hale and Milt.

Nan remember camping at Rights? Hale put a board up to the window so the goat could get in the house?  Killed [Kellie ?] of us.