Family Stories

I have discovered from conversations with my sisters that we all remember different stories told by our parents and grandoarents.  We also each remember different things depending on our state of mind and other external prompts.

 This morning I was reading a Quora post (Quora is a guilty pleasure) about how to reapond to unwanted advice ro new parents.  One conversation veered into stories about insisting on breastfeeding in the hospital.  I contributed this response... but after rereading it I realized  this is the first time I remembered this interaction in a long, long time.  

 I have always admired my mom, who in 1957 and 1960 insisted on nursing my elder sister and I. They kept new mothers in the hospital for a week and would only bring her baby to her on a schedule, bathed swaddled and asleep. I found out because when I brought my new born to her house (I wanted help and my dad couldn't travel) she immediately asked me to unwrap my son. She had never seen a day old baby! I learned a lot about her and about myself during this " newborn week."