Imperfect Pictures


I am enjoying exploring through my camera's lens! I go out to the park almost every day and see so much that I want to remember and look at more closely. I take pictures of things so far away that I only see the details through the magic of the zoom lens and tiny details that I see up close as I lean in with a macro focus. It isn't that surprising that now and then I take a picture that I love!

Those wonderful photos that show their subject clearly and expressively are a tiny part of my joy in photography. The sounds of the people, animals and the birds in the park, the chill air and warm gloves, the conversations with friends and fellow bird watchers are all stitched together. At the end of the day, I review my pictures and find a few to save for reference, for my desk top rotation, or occasionally to share. It is this act of reviewing, looking through all the failed pictures that brings the day into focus.

Yesterday I explored Inwood Park, scrambling up to the top of the hill along one of the less used, unpaved paths. I got a little muddy and enjoyed the journey. At the top, along a more official path, I stopped to enjoy this tiny, busy, downy woodpecker. It is the "failed" pictures, even more than the ones that capture this little bird that preserved the flavor of the day.

Here are three types of pictures of this bird. The first three pictures represent many of the same flavor. The last more complete photo was one of two. Not the best downy woodpecker picture I have ever taken, but the best of this particular woodpecker working in this tree on this day.

Photo 1: Tail feathers only. I have SO many of these! I took the picture just as the woodpecker went back to work inside its hole.

Photo 2: The woodpecker posed nicely, but I managed to focus on the wrong branch! Learning is taking place here. However, it is a lovely branch!

Photo 3: Although the woodpecker was out of the hole it moved just as I took the picture.

Photo 4: Finally! A complete picture of a tiny downy woodpecker hard at work. It is a lovely, fuzzy yet industrious bird!