Owls and their Fans


Yesterday I went for a bird walk in Inwood Hill Park. I followed my usual rout ending at the White Pines to look for our resident owl. Why are owls so exciting? I have to admit that they are hard to see! A barred owl had been consistently at home in the pines over the past few weeks.  The first time I saw it I needed guidance from another bird watcher to find it. On a later visit I found it myself and had the fun of being the "bird docent" telling others where to look as they arrived. A barred owl is a large bird but very well camouflaged! Yesterday I couldn't find any owl in the pines. Apparently a few days ago its spot was usurped by a great horned owl which is larger and even harder to spot than the barred. I didn't see either. But then another owl watcher told me where to look for a tiny little screech owl further down the hill. So I joined the rest of the bird paparazzi and had the fun of seeing this adorable, tiny little bird.